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Medicos Cafe

Logo and graphic device for the refurbished cafe at Concord Hospital.

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Rituals of Seduction exhibition

Logo for an exhibition about birds of paradise and the people of Papua New Guinea for the Australian Museum.

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Spirit Faces display

Logo for a small display of masks at the Australian Museum.

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Centennial Plaza

Logo for a property development near Central Station, Sydney, in conjunction
with Roberts Weaver Group.

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Digby Law

Identity for a law firm who specialise in the entertainment and media industries,
based in Sydney.

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Facet5 branding

Facet5 is a program used for psychological profiling. We are developing new branding for their products, including ToRQ (Tailored Reasoning Questionnaire) and SpotLight (a development-focused report program).

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Logo design for a company providing solar power for homes and businesses.

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Supporting our Patients and Hospitals

Logo for NSW Health Finance, used on promotional material encouraging patients to use their private insurance when visiting hospital.

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Fine Fish

Logo for a fish restaurant and retailer in Neutral Bay, Sydney, applied to signage,
packaging, menus, cards and vehicle livery.