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Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Displays for the Australian Museum's popular annual photography exhibition.

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Birds of Paradise

Australian Museum exhibition exploring the birds and culture of Papua New Guinea.

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Deep Oceans

Graphic displays for an exhibition at the Australian Museum and Questacon.

Deep Oceans concept, identity and illustration by Amanda Teer, Australian Museum.

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Dinosaurs Unearthed

An exhibition at the Australian Museum incorporating a Paleo Lab where the fossil bones
of a Centrosaurus could be viewed being excavated.

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Gold and Sacrifice – Treasures of Ancient Peru

This major exhibition at the Australian Museum was heavily object-based, displaying beautiful ceramics, metalwork and jewellery from the cultures of ancient Peru, where ritual battle and sacrifice were an important part of life. Austen Kaupe designed the graphics for the exhibition, including the identity, labelling, catalogue and promotional and retail material.

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Hobbit and Gemstones displays

Design and layout of objects and labels for a new display case at the Australian Museum.

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HMB Endeavour replica

The Australian National Maritime Museum required panels for the quayside, describing the history of the original Endeavour and the construction and travels of the replica. The nine panels could be dismantled and carried on board the vessel on its travels for displaying
in each port, as well as for its more permanent berth at Darling Harbour.

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Yiwarra Kuju – The Canning Stock Route

Entrance design for an exhibition of contemporary Aboriginal art and the stories of the artists at the newly refurbished galleries at the Australian Museum.

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Spirit Faces

The identity and panels for a small exhibition in newly installed cases
at the Australian Museum.